This month four members of the Pensionlite team and two volunteers did something only few can manage – they rode coast to coast across Britain.

It was certainly one way to spend a long weekend, and despite the wind, hail, a broken bike, a minor crash and a puncture – they made it safely to Newcastle on Sunday night.

Standing on the edge of the Tynemouth with a glass of champagne in hand, they were able to reflect on what they had accomplished, including ascending 11,000 ft. of hills.

The 140 mile route from Whitehaven to Newcastle is infamous with amateur cyclists looking for a tough but highly rewarding challenge, and rewarding it most certainly is.

At work they were greeted with a heroic welcome, and rightly so, given what they put themselves through over back to back days of 12 hours in the saddle.

Our client services manager, Lisa Harrison said: “It was incredibly exhausting but we are all so pleased we chose to do it.

“This was probably the biggest challenge over the 12 month period, both logistically, physically and mentally.

“Our support drivers did a fantastic job and we couldn’t have done this without seeing them every 15 or so miles, always good to see someone who wants to give you cake.”

Financial adviser Philippa Payne said: “This was one of the hardest, but best things I have ever done.

“I couldn’t have finished it without the others or the support team, and to have done it for our amazing charities in the name of Andy Hawthorne makes me so proud to be part of the Pensionlite team.”

So far we have raised over £3,000 – with more events still to come throughout the remainder of the year.

Managing director Mike Shaw said: “To say the scenery is spectacular is an understatement, the rolling hills are truly amazing but that means the roads are incredibly steep and winding, they really don’t know what flat means up there!

“The highest point was roughly 2,000 feet which in itself sound high, but even on the first day Steven (Lisa’s husband) had recorded climbing 7,000 feet, that is how much they roll up and down.”

We’ve had so many kind donations and we really do appreciate each and everyone, along with all the support. If you would like to make a donation you can do so on our Virgin Giving page –

Check out some of the photos below:


A sunny start in Whitehaven as the team prepare to set off

The group in full peloton mode

It wasn’t always downhill for our amateur cyclists

Quick stop, quick team selfie, everyone still smiling

Even though it was flat – punishing hills were just around the corner

Stunning views greeted our team across rolling hills